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Book Review: Narnia – C.S. Lewis and His World (David Barratt)


Oftentimes I felt the author fanboyed over C.S. Lewis a lot in this book, that amidst the descriptions on the works and life of the renowned creator of Narnia (which were quite entertaining as well as informative, I must say) were vague and general praises for the revered man. So I was quite lost about what D.B. truly wanted to tell the readers of this book. Or maybe this was exactly the type of book written for the other fans by a fan? Seems fair, as the book was written around the time the movies were in the works.
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Book Review: Add mo ‘ko as Friend

Add mo ko as friend

In English, Add me as Friend (subtitled Your Link to Real Relationships), this very short and quick-read by Marlene Legaspi-Munar aims to be a good guide for people in their friendships–both offline and online. Though specifically targeted for teens, adults can have a light reading experience with this book, as the theme of friendship is something inherent in our lives as humans. Continue reading Book Review: Add mo ‘ko as Friend

My Thoughts on Shadow Baby by Alison McGhee

This book is part of my 2014 Library. Hurrah!

This is exactly the same cover art of the copy I read. From now on and when I write my thoughts on books I read, I will try my best to look for pictures of the exact same covers.

This is another book that I borrowed from my classmate, who also lent me her copy of The Giver. When I finished reading The Giver, which I obviously fell in love with and further compelled me to read more books, I hurried to my friend, returned the book, and asked for another suggestion. Specifically, I wanted something that was kind of similar to The Giver in terms of how it would make someone feel after reading it. Then, the week after my plea, she brought this rather unheard-of title. Continue reading My Thoughts on Shadow Baby by Alison McGhee

Home Avenue Cake Galerie: a little after-school adventure

June 2, 2014

Today, I went to school because I and two of my friends were advised to enroll within this day for our research subject of the second round of summer semester, only to find out it is not yet the enrollment day! Well, I already figured out that much since today is the deadline of the submission of grades by our advisers for the previous summer semester which we spent on our on-the-job training or Plant Practice. However, I was driven by my fear and the threat of our our future (if we do not take this subject seriously), and I succumbed to the order of our adviser (“YOU SHALL ENROLL TODAY”) .

Aside from my two friends, we met with two other friends who came to school to  pass their remaining requirements for the Plant Practice. After all the things we took care of, the guy friend decided to treat us to sweet desserts! I and the guy friend haven’t gone to the place, so we all decided to go to Home Avenue Cake Galerie (or Cake Galerie, for short)! But before going to the place itself, we had our lunch at Tatay Ben’s (now Prad’s Eatery, but it’s still more popular as Tatay Ben’s!) and waved goodbye to one friend (because she had scheduled a date with her boyfriend– I support this couple!). So.. it was the four of us, three girls and a guy, who went ahead to the place of my curiosity, Cake Galerie!

(c) Cake Galerie official FB page. Their official signboard, which is immediately seen outside the place. The overall feel of the place, starting from the entrance itself, is western. It’s like you went to a European country, ehem, or France. 🙂

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