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Happy Feet (2006) Movie Analysis

Author’s notes: The following text was originally submitted as a requirement for our course, Food Processing Wastes Management, last Tuesday, 4th November.  We watched the movie in our class as suggested by our instructor, who seems to really like the movie for the attention on the amplified environmental changes  brought about by mankind and their implications on other creatures. 

Overview of the Movie:


From IMDb: “Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce!”

In a nutshell, Happy Feet is about being oneself in spite of the criticisms against being different from the majority, and, in the process finding one’s place to belong while fulfilling a greater purpose of being a unique individual. Continue reading Happy Feet (2006) Movie Analysis

A musical encounter

This little story happened last October 28th at the waiting area just outside Kalimudan Student Center (the sort of canteen in our university). It was just past 5:00PM when I walked on the path beside the said area. Suddenly, a beautiful melody played through the air. It came from the instrument I’ve long adored. The violin.

I turned to my left, and saw a female student, about the same age as me, sitting by the table alone. She was there, tapping her left foot to set the pace of the melody she played with her hands. Her graceful movements and poise was almost a rare sight in our institution. The sounds that reverberated tugged my heart and told me to stop.

Of course, her movement was not like this, but aaah, Sherlock ❤

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I’m having a hard time enjoying Math

Do you still remember how hopeful my last post was? I do. I painfully do.

The instructor is nice, and I honestly appreciate how she chooses to give us an extra assignment of filling in some of the missing steps in the solution of every problem. But that technique creates a problem in the class full of non-math oriented students. The teacher writes the solutions in shortcuts. We, the students,  see them all as a mess, if not just a puzzle.

To be honest, I couldn’t keep up with the lessons, so I just wrote the solutions down on my notebook, looking at them blankly, like a programmed move. There are way too much identities to cram into my tiny head, way too much rules and theorems, and way too much methods to get to an answer.

I decided to learn the lessons again at my own pace when I get home. There are no distractions and I can hear only my thoughts. Math may not love me back, but I love it even though I find Math hard to understand.

Calculus isn’t easy. I’m beginning to see how I really am not suited for Mathematics. It seems like all I could do was college algebra and basic trigonometry. But I always appreciate it when some of my friends approach me and I could help them solve the problems, such as those provided in the problem set. Even though I find Calculus difficult, I sometimes manage to clear my thoughts when I needed silence and concentration. I also appreciate the efforts of my classmates in correcting me and in searching for the right solutions with me. It’s a solid proof that we are not blindly relying on each other, and that we are trying our best in learning how to deal with the problems.

Somehow I still have turned this post into something hopeful. 🙂

Shame on me: Math problems

So… starting from today and if I have time and am not lazy to write, I’m going to share about my learning experiences in my final year in college (hopefully).

It kind of saddens me a bit that I only attempted to do this now. It saddens me that I will only get to blog about my student life for a few more months. It saddens me that I didn’t create a blog years ago. It saddens me that I fill my mind with saddening thoughts.

Okay, enough of that.

And RE-learn it. Ugh.

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Today is officially the last day of the four-month vacation!

I have to face the reality of university life once again.

Disclaimer: photo not mine

Note to self: Say hello to a brand new semester~ Say hello to upcoming busy weeks and filled schedules~ Say hello to new people you’ll meet along the way~ Say hello to sleepless nights~ Say hello to Do-Or-Die exams~ Say hello to printing expenses~

However, this year is going to be a tough year for me. I will be lodging anywhere near the campus anymore. Starting tomorrow, I have to commute to school every day. According to Google Maps, it’s 22.8 km away from the point where I ride the public utility vehicle. That’s about one hour of one-way travel.

It’s not that I am not experienced in commuting to a far school. In fact, I already did that in high school, but it wasn’t as tiresome as it is now in college. The physical and mental fatigue really gets me now.

Moreover, I will really miss my housemates, our night talks, random activities, procrastination, and everyday meal plans. I really enjoyed my stay in the campus, thanks to them.

This post sounds so sad, but I have to keep my head up from now on.