Home Avenue Cake Galerie: a little after-school adventure

June 2, 2014

Today, I went to school because I and two of my friends were advised to enroll within this day for our research subject of the second round of summer semester, only to find out it is not yet the enrollment day! Well, I already figured out that much since today is the deadline of the submission of grades by our advisers for the previous summer semester which we spent on our on-the-job training or Plant Practice. However, I was driven by my fear and the threat of our our future (if we do not take this subject seriously), and I succumbed to the order of our adviser (“YOU SHALL ENROLL TODAY”) .

Aside from my two friends, we met with two other friends who came to school to ย pass their remaining requirements for the Plant Practice. After all the things we took care of, the guy friend decided to treat us to sweet desserts! I and the guy friend haven’t gone to the place, so we all decided to go to Home Avenue Cake Galerie (or Cake Galerie, for short)! But before going to the place itself, we had our lunch at Tatay Ben’s (now Prad’s Eatery, but it’s still more popular as Tatay Ben’s!) and waved goodbye to one friend (because she had scheduled a date with her boyfriend– I support this couple!). So.. it was the four of us, three girls and a guy, who went ahead to the place of my curiosity, Cake Galerie!

(c) Cake Galerie official FB page. Their official signboard, which is immediately seen outside the place. The overall feel of the place, starting from the entrance itself, is western. It’s like you went to a European country, ehem, or France. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since it was a sudden visit and an unplanned escapade, we didn’t bring a camera. Yeah, even the phone of our friend with a camera function wasn’t a choice because it was dying from a low-energy power. It needed to be recharged. Thankfully, we were able to secure 2 shots because of our guy friend’s laptop built-in camera. ๐Ÿ™‚ Photos are important, especially for us, I and the guy friend, who went to the place for the first time!

The owner (I’m not sure, I didn’t really ask if she is the owner) opened the door for us. It was like a tiny entrance to a petite French cake house. Yes, the place is literally small, even if you were to compare it with the food chains in the city malls or coffee houses. I had the idea of its relative size because my other friends were telling me it was not a big place. It’s something close to a house’s perception area, if a normal or average-sized house has such an area. Anyway, that was how it felt for me.

The other side of the door (in-door) had chimes so when the door was opened for us, there was a cute series of striking sounds. There was a big window glass by the right side and it was decorated with cute prints that go along well with the cute theme of the place. It was big enough to let in natural light from outside, so the place at around 1:00PM didn’t really need artificial lighting.ย There were Chinese-style lanterns hanging on the wall, too. The place was filled with a lot of cute things! Colorful paper cranes were also hanged from the ceiling.

There were 2 sets of 2-table-4-seats and 1 set of 1-table-1-bench, which I guess can readily accommodate 2 persons. So a total of 10 customers can stay in the place, seated comfortably at the same time.

Walking further, just about 8 steps in, we already reached the various cakes displayed in the cold fridge. From what I heard before, they have different types of cakes available and it also depends on the sales of these cakes. Anyway, these cakes all looked so appetizing, not that they are appetizers. I just loved how clean they were displayed! Cake slices are sold at affordable prices, P70 or P75 generally. Aside from the cakes in the display fridge, there was also a chalkboard menu on the front wall. It was filled with the daily goods available… like cakes and smoothies. There were actually more choices than I initially thought. At the counter table, they have this tip bucket (if you like the place, it wouldn’t hurt to give more for their service!), wine glass with more paper cranes and messages (I received “Keep Moving Forward.” It really means a lot to me at this moment.), and a guest notebook where we wrote our names, contact information, and random message. Hahaha! The guest notebook kinda serves as the customers’ subscription for their newsletter (about new cake creations, etc)! On the right side of the counter table, there is a folded wall (?) full of instax photos of [probably] the first customers. I think they ran out of photo papers, so they didn’t take a photo of us. Hahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚

We sat on the rightmost set of 2-tables-4-seats (actually, the rightmost 2 seats are a bench). And waited there for our cakes and smoothies to arrive at our tables. While waiting, we scribbled on their guest notebook.

The cakes and smoothies arrived! That was when we took photos of ourselves with the food~ Yummy~
What we had: one slice each of (1) red velvet; (2) apple streusel pie; (3) chocolate moist cake; and (4) sans rival, and one big glass each of (a) blueman [blueberry + mango] smoothie and (b) choco marsh smoothie. Sounds yummy, right? After I had tasted the four cakes, I chose Red Velvet and Chocolate Moist Cake as my favorites… for now. If I come back, I’d like to try the other cakes!

The cakes we ordered~
Yours truly and friends. ๐Ÿ™‚
Too bad, we didn’t take a photo of us with the smoothies. Haha. We were busy eating our cakes.

Yes, it was, indeed, a rush of sugar into our systems. I have a sweet tooth, so it was no biggie. In fact, I loved every bite of the four cakes! We shared our cakes and sharing them was the best way to optimize our visit and our cravings for sweet cakes! Of course, we also split the smoothies among the four of us.

In the end, I felt satisfied because my craving for cakes was satisfied! Furthermore, I have finally visited the place of my curiosity! It was such a fulfilling experience for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope we can come back soon.

If you’re interested, check out the place! You don’t know how to get there? If you fancy walking, it’s actually just a 7-minute walk from SM City Davao (well, according to GoogleMap)! Be sure to like them on Facebook!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your little adventure, too, if you have the time, oh.

miharusshi (ใฟใฏใ‚‹์”จ)

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