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A Poem: “Only Lonely” by yours truly

I want a little attention–

a simple “hey” or “hi”

to my direction.

I thirst for human affection–

a smile, a hug,

a shoulder to cry on.


It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to be dependent. It’s okay to appear “weak.” That is our strength. I hope you have someone to tell your deepest regrets, cravings, happiness, and all other emotions in your seemingly tiny heart that might burst without ever unloading these feelings.

If you want, I can be that someone for you. Just shoot me a tweet or PM.


A Poem: Not Here

I close my eyes, you’re all I see

I open them, you are not here

I go to where you would be

I break the silence so you’d hear

Loneliest Christmas

No Noche Buena nor Christmas decors

Only grief that still lingers

A poem: “Young One” by yours truly

The world is big

The sky is high

I look up

But everyone else is a giant,

Looking down on me,

Casting shadows on me.

Their gazes piercing my eyes

The’re all scary

I bend my knees

And touch the ground

For it is so much closer

Than the azure above

I look down

And stare at my dirty boots

For they’re so tiny like me

And don’t give me strange looks

A poem: “Reconciliation” by yours truly

You are blind

She is deaf

Is this the dead end?

Were you two too conceited?

Shall tears be shed?

Shall silence be broken?

For the faith so sacred

Never to be forsaken

For those who have rough friendships right now