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Taking a break

Oh, I really wish I had KitKat right now.
Photo not mine. Photo from KitKat.com

Hello! Thank for reading my blog posts. This post title is so straightforward that I only need to state my reason(s). 

I actually have to minimize my time lurking online (Blogger, Facebook) so I can focus on my studies. That means I may not be able to update this blog as often as I did during the first two weeks of June. Furthermore, I also have something to take care of aside from my studies and it is something more private I cannot dig it any deeper.
Rest assured, I will come back to this blog and write a lot of things when I am unbound from these responsibilities I currently cannot run away from.
See you around as soon as I can break free.
miharusshi みはる씨

I went to GenSan

Yep. V sign for peace. Hehe.
Yay because it’s not a selfie~

Last 22 May 2014, I went to GenSan. This was a sampling trip for the research project in school I enlisted myself to. What’s in GenSan? Fish! Lotsa fish! Continue reading I went to GenSan

Random rant: I have to enroll for summer AGAIN

This four-month summer vacation is the transition phase of our university for adapting the new academic calender. I was not against the calendar shift, because I thought a two-month vacation even after a two-month on-the-job training is awesome. And now, we’re halfway done. Is it finally hello to my two-month break? Nah, it is NOT. Continue reading Random rant: I have to enroll for summer AGAIN