This is miharusshi and I own and write in this personal blog.

I and my horrible editing skills
I and my horrible editing skills

What’s with the name? 

I now go by the name miharusshi. I started blogging here last April 2014. Currently, I am studying a food-related science course in a well-known university in the country. If I do well, it might be my last year in the university.

As you can see, Miharusshi (みはる씨) is a combination of hiragana (the Japanese text) and hangeul (the Korean text). Miharu (kanji: 美晴 | furigana: みはる) is my Japanese name that I got from an online Japanese name generator. Sshi (씨) is a Korean honorific attached as a suffix of the name of a person. It’s kinda similar to Miss or Mister. In other words, miharusshi is like Miss Miharu. (Did I really need to explain all this?)

It should be obvious by now that I like Korean and Japanese (the languages). I’m not really a big admirer of Korea, but I do really love Japan. Hehe.

Why blog?

I had always wanted to blog, but I was being too lazy to create one until now. Blogging is one of the best ways for me to improve my English writing and reading skills (I’m a very slow reader that at times I have to read the whole thing again just to understand it). My English isn’t perfect and I have a poor vocabulary. And it’s not just my English that I want to fix, but also my laziness in writing. I have many thoughts and rants that only stay in my head because I am lazy to share them or to shout them out. I also fear what people might think about me when they know what I am thinking. Consequently, my self-esteem goes down the drain as I witness other people being open and sharing their ideas. By blogging, it won’t feel very tiresome to fix these weaknesses. Every time I write here, I also feel like I am finding my way back to my love for writing that I used to have.

The blog content

Since this is a personal blog, you will find me blogging a wide variety of topics. I don’t restrict myself to a specific field or hobby. One day you find me writing about a place, but the next day you may find me writing about my student life. Furthermore, I post my rants here which you might not find very relevant to you. I see the world in pluses and minuses, so I will switch from pessimistic mentality to optimistic one, and vice versa. It’s just that I don’t know when I will think which way at any given moment.

This is all I can disclose about myself. You can still know more about me in my posts. Thank you very much for your interest in knowing about me and this blog. Enjoy your stay!


miharusshi (みはる씨)

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    1. Ahaha, it’s alright! I don’t actively promote this blog, since it’s more a personal one and I figured anitwitter people may not usually like seeing this kind of stuff. But thanks for the follow! 😀


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