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First Year of Owl Memoria

If you noticed, this personal (side) blog of mine has been around for a while. A year and two months, to be exact. I know this is kinda late to celebrate its birthday, but a simple, short post like this would do. Right?

Happy (first) birthday, Owl Memoria. People don’t really know you, nor you are a reputable blog with well-written posts on various topics. You’re a mess, but I like you for what you are–because you’re a product of my thoughts and emotions. Something I can own. Something I can look back to. But, you still got a long way to live up to your name. Haha

Okay. So I just wrote a quasi-love letter to my blog, as if it’s personified (although it’s addressed as a thing later on).

I’ve slowed down on blogging, but I do not think I am stopping any time soon. It is still fun to write down my thoughts like this, without really giving a care of what other people may think or say about me or my blog. Haha.

Yep. Blogging like this is basically doing a monologue.

So, thanks to anyone who’s reading my blog regardless if you’ve accidentally clicked a link somewhere else. Oh, special thanks to those who leave comments. You guys are amusing. Haha

Taking a break

Oh, I really wish I had KitKat right now.
Photo not mine. Photo from KitKat.com

Hello! Thank for reading my blog posts. This post title is so straightforward that I only need to state my reason(s). 

I actually have to minimize my time lurking online (Blogger, Facebook) so I can focus on my studies. That means I may not be able to update this blog as often as I did during the first two weeks of June. Furthermore, I also have something to take care of aside from my studies and it is something more private I cannot dig it any deeper.
Rest assured, I will come back to this blog and write a lot of things when I am unbound from these responsibilities I currently cannot run away from.
See you around as soon as I can break free.
miharusshi みはる씨

I created a new blog

Hello! It’s been a long while since my last post in this blog. 

I was kind of caught up in reality. I was physically and mentally busy with my on-the-job training at a food manufacturing company in our city. I was physically busy because the job of a quality assurance analyst is literally physically demanding. I had to walk from end to end of the production line every hour to test the product samples. Furthermore, there was a study being conducted and I had to be part of that study. So the amount of tasks for me was, according to my supervisor, heavier than the normal load of a QA analyst who is working without the ongoing study. It sounds like I am complaining about the stress I had to deal with, but overall the experience was new and fun and I even gained a lot of new information and new skills I could not have learned or acquired at school. 

It has actually been more than a week after the last day of my training, but I was spending those free days on leisure–like watching TV series and random YouTube videos, downloading and listening to music, reading comics, and reading some books.

And just tonight, I stumbled upon some of my anime stills or screen captured photos from some anime series I have been watching. These photos are piling up in my Videos folder so I eventually have to sort them out. So I thought.. “Why don’t I share these photos and share my thoughts and what I have learned form them?”

This idea convinced me to create my new blog, miharusshi anime life lessons, where I will dedicate these anime stills I have been saving in my laptop computer. 

I know that I had only started blogging and that I have only a few posts at this point, but hey… Plato (or somebody else) said:

And with that, I hope you also welcome my new blog with open arms… if you happen to have the same hobbies. :3
miharusshi (みはる씨)

Baby Steps in Blogging

Hello there! I am miharusshi. This is definitely not my first blog, but this is the blog where I intend to write my life experiences and other random things that get into my mind. I wish to publish a lot of things here– things that I love, like, hate, and dislike

You might ask me why I would waste my time in blogging about things I do not even like. I myself find it weird that most people do not really talk about things that they do not like or that annoy them. Since blogging is free and writing is boundless, I will just take this opportunity to also write about those things on the darker side of my life. After all, life is not just about beauty and glorious moments. 

Regarding the post title, I know that I am still a beginner when it comes to blogging. I am not familiar with layout and all the tweaks people can do with their blogs. Yes, this is just like being a baby in this kind of life–the blogging life. Of course, I will learn all these things one step at a time. Things cannot be learned overnight and I acknowledge that fact. So if you are reading this post now, I give you my thanks because there is practically nothing in this blog at this moment. In the future, this blog shall be filled.