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365 pieces – Piece #38 (02-07-15): Lazy daisy

  • Nothing remarkable happened. Really.
  • Well, maybe except I read the whole article on Rizal’s Attitude Towards Friars

365 pieces – Piece #39 (02-08-15): Senpai noticed me?

  • Sunday. I was able to publish my first yuri comics feature on my aniblog early Sunday morning. Shared the link to senpai on FB using my page account (oh yes, anonymity!).
  • She noticed me. :3
  • Yay~
  • *Spazzing*
  • Woah Woah! Amazing number of views and shares for that post in just one day. 🙂

365 pieces – Piece #40 (02-09-15): A good friend listens

  • Today, we were required to go to school to attend the undergraduate seminar wherein we had a ‘lesson’ on laboratory ethical behavior and laboratory guidelines. I honestly didn’t want to come, but eh. I had to. I knew I had to. And I knew I would regret it if I really didn’t come.
  • Listening to all those speeches by the professors just made my ego shrink. My self-confidence was dissipating into thin air. I gotta hang onto something. To someone. I needed someone to listen to my woes. I’m such a coward. 😦
  • Shoutout to my good friend lysafae. Time and time again, she has always proven that she’s always there to listen and to give advice. I knew I can count on her on times like this. She already went through the same thing I’m going through, and it shows on how she is today–a strong lady. I honestly look up to her. And she often says she looks up to me. Mutual admiration. Our friendship is somewhat an odd friendship. It’s like a counselor-counselee relationship. Each of us can take either role at a time. Every time, it just works. No complaints. We encourage each other. I just hope our friendship isn’t limited to this dimension, though. I love this gal. 🙂
  • Meep. So blessed today. Neighbor-san‘s birthday, so he gave us pork barbecue sticks and grilled milkfish and a bottle of soda. A full meal was had. 🙂

365 pieces – Piece #37 (02-06-15): Friends + Street foods + Stroll = Good Time

  • Friday. Nothing important happened in school, except for the fact that I should be working on my thesis. OTL
  • After school. Girl BFF invited me to have a ‘dinner’ together at Roxas Avenue. Our meal? Street foods! Yum.
  • I and girl BFF stayed at the City Triangle while waiting for guy BFF to arrive. He was with his college friends at Abreeza.
  • Uhh, since guy BFF didn’t arrive on agreed time, I and girl BFF decided to chow down so we left City Tri and went to the avenue.
  • Appetizer: Siomai! That tasted quite good for an affordable siomai (6 for 20 Pesos). I should have put more sweet and chili sauce, though.
  • Guy friend has finally arrived. We met halfway in the avenue. I love how friends can still meet in a sea of crowd at night. Hurrah!
  • Main dish? Takoyaki. Hmm, it was okay, I guess. Its batter was too sweet, but I appreciate the presence of lots of cabbage! I still think that Victoria Plaza’s takoyaki is way way more delicious!
  • Side dish? Taho. Yummy. It was warm to boot! A very fulfilling snack was had.
  • Aww. Girl BFF is kind, she even bought a cup of taho for a street child who kept begging for mine but I was too greedy to give it to her. x_x I’m sorry, Lord.
  • Some moar: Chicken dumplings fresh from the frying pan. The texture was nice, as if it imitated mini-chicken legs. The lumpia wrapper was the equivalent of the crispy chicken skin, while the soft meaty (and starchy?) content inside the wrapper was like the soft meat known as chicken protein. Hah
    • The sauce was too salty, though. It totally killed the food’s flavor.
  • Dessert: Dirty ice cream. Nah, it’s not dirty (I hope). I don’t even know why street ice cream is called dirty ice cream. But just to be sure, we chose to get our ice cream on cones from the ice cream cart of the lady vendor. There was a guy vendor, too, but, yeah. Weren’t we sexist?
  • Strolled along the avenue until we found a cozy place to sit on. Good thing there are still a lot of trees in this area of the city. I love trees.
  • We talked and talked and we got into music discussion and this song was one of the victims:
  • I was constantly worried about mom at home, though. I found a reason to stand up and start walking: “Does the convenience store in front of us sell face masks? I badly need one, because my nose is so sensitive to dust blah blah” And so, we all went there together, met a high school senior, chatted with her a little, left that store after finding out they didn’t have face masks.
  • Sent off girl BFF by letting her ride the jeep uptown-bound.
  • Home bound.

365 pieces – Piece #2 – Quality time with friends

January 2, 2015

  • Two of my high school BFFs came over to my house, though it was already late in the afternoon. Nonetheless, we’re always happy just being together. We met up because we were preparing for the birthday gift we would give one of our BFF for his 20th birthday on the 3rd of January. We got him a very big greeting card, which was signed by other high school friends as well, thanks to my hard-working midget girl BFF. Guy BFF happened to bring gelatin powder, which we excitedly prepared and cooled to set for the next day. 🙂
  • This is just a minor thing, but I’m happy that I got 6 questions on my ask! 🙂 Thanks, anon!

365 pieces – Piece #1 – I love animals

Last January 1st, I started scribbling short notes on small pieces of paper which summarize the most memorable events that occur in my daily life. I wish to complete the 365 pieces this year. Wish me luck, inspiration and motivation.

January 1, 2015

Well, the moment we greeted the New Year was kinda sad and melodramatic and all. Fortunately, I got to watch Ch9’s STORIES, which featured the episode titled “Turf Wars: Lions and Hippos”. It was really well narrated and it moved me in ways I can’t explain. It saddens me that animals out there (in Africa) have to fight each other, even their own kind, just to secure their food during the drought. 😦