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I created a new blog

Hello! It’s been a long while since my last post in this blog. 

I was kind of caught up in reality. I was physically and mentally busy with my on-the-job training at a food manufacturing company in our city. I was physically busy because the job of a quality assurance analyst is literally physically demanding. I had to walk from end to end of the production line every hour to test the product samples. Furthermore, there was a study being conducted and I had to be part of that study. So the amount of tasks for me was, according to my supervisor, heavier than the normal load of a QA analyst who is working without the ongoing study. It sounds like I am complaining about the stress I had to deal with, but overall the experience was new and fun and I even gained a lot of new information and new skills I could not have learned or acquired at school. 

It has actually been more than a week after the last day of my training, but I was spending those free days on leisure–like watching TV series and random YouTube videos, downloading and listening to music, reading comics, and reading some books.

And just tonight, I stumbled upon some of my anime stills or screen captured photos from some anime series I have been watching. These photos are piling up in my Videos folder so I eventually have to sort them out. So I thought.. “Why don’t I share these photos and share my thoughts and what I have learned form them?”

This idea convinced me to create my new blog, miharusshi anime life lessons, where I will dedicate these anime stills I have been saving in my laptop computer. 

I know that I had only started blogging and that I have only a few posts at this point, but hey… Plato (or somebody else) said:

And with that, I hope you also welcome my new blog with open arms… if you happen to have the same hobbies. :3
miharusshi (みはる씨)