Book Review: Narnia – C.S. Lewis and His World (David Barratt)


Oftentimes I felt the author fanboyed over C.S. Lewis a lot in this book, that amidst the descriptions on the works and life of the renowned creator of Narnia (which were quite entertaining as well as informative, I must say) were vague and general praises for the revered man. So I was quite lost about what D.B. truly wanted to tell the readers of this book. Or maybe this was exactly the type of book written for the other fans by a fan? Seems fair, as the book was written around the time the movies were in the works.

Anyway, my biggest takeaway from this book isn’t about Lewis or his fictional universes, but the realization that I, too, could seriously take my own spiritual journey. Lewis walked his own spiritual journey from a young age and a period of disbelief, met a lot of people – those who influenced him and people whom he made an impact on, and eventually formed his own firm beliefs and reaffirmed his faith.

I am in the middle of a state of confusion. I had (and I still do) run debates in my head about the presence of God, the validity of religion, the truth in Christian teachings, etc… There have been times I considered myself agnostic, or maybe atheist. But the more I think deeper within, the more I see my attachment, or perhaps attraction, to the divine, to the spiritual.

Even if there’s no religion I currently associate myself with, I’m always wondering where a soul like me would belong. Not putting myself in boxes, or strict categorizations, or rigid institutions. It isn’t a question of whether I’ll go to heaven or hell, but more a search for my absolute home, where my mind and heart and soul belong in unity and harmony. And I’m starting to think that’s one of my life’s – if not the only – purpose.

(P.S. I haven’t read Narnia or other Lewis novels yet, so I might read this again some time. For sure it was worth picking up among hundreds of books in my favorite secondhand book store.

P.P.S. I bought it for 10 pesos! I guess I’m lucky to have found it in a room full of other maybe-worth-buying/reading books)


Personal rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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