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Brief thoughts on media, sex, and sexuality

Note: This was originally written as an addendum to a Facebook post by a person I look up to, i.e., a senpai. I edited the screenshot of the OP’s post for privacy purposes and to translate some phrases to English. This is mostly aimed at Filipinos. For context of OP’s post and all the ruckus going on lately in PH social media, kindly read this and this.

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The illusion of material discontentment

This realization came to me when I was riding on a car with the family of my tutee. They brought me along to a birthday dinner of a relative in downtown Davao. I was in the backseat with the children. And so I could overhear some bits of the grownups’ seemingly ordinary conversation.

It went like this (non-verbatim):

“You know George? He got a [Ford]  Everest”

“So I heard. Everest looks damn fine. I think I may need to upgrade this car. (chuckle)”

The last line hinted a sense of need and a slight urgency to meet the said need. And that was when I felt it was kind of wrong.

If one doesn’t have a car, or any convenient-bordering-luxurious gadget, she likely won’t need to upgrade it. Because there’s basically nothing to upgrade.

Meanwhile, I hear many other people (both offline and online) wishing for new phones, new tablets, or new cars even if they still have those fully functional units at their disposal. This makes me question if there’s even a real need to quell these urges to get all the new and guaranteed improved versions of these things.

Are we a little too unappreciative of what we have?

We want convenience, yet when we are granted it, a new problem always arises. What was once useful and wished for is soon regarded as something less wanted. People look forward to what’s yet to come, as if what’s in their hands hardly matters.

P.S. This isn’t something I’d say would be an “in general” sort of behavior. This is just a tiny observation of me. Contrary opinions are welcome, of course.

I’m quite the lurker

I’m quite the lurker in Facebook (and some other SNS, for that matter except for Twitter), reading other people’s stories. No, not the irrelevant captions on selfies. True to life stories of real people. Those who have been hurt and still hurting. Those who have faced cruelties in their past committed by fellow humans and are still haunted by these hideous acts in their dreams, and/or perhaps when looking at oblivious passersby. Continue reading I’m quite the lurker

A poem: “Young One” by yours truly

The world is big

The sky is high

I look up

But everyone else is a giant,

Looking down on me,

Casting shadows on me.

Their gazes piercing my eyes

The’re all scary

I bend my knees

And touch the ground

For it is so much closer

Than the azure above

I look down

And stare at my dirty boots

For they’re so tiny like me

And don’t give me strange looks

A poem: “Allergic” by yours truly

She hides behind that mask

The mask known as privacy

She doesn’t like the scent of flowers

In the garden of gossip and flattery

She wants to go somewhere else

To a place without butterflies

Which appear beautiful and flawless

But are only attracted to fragrant lies

The garden is unbelievably vast

It seems to stretch indefinitely

But she needs to run away fast

To enter the ideal reality



Everything is written by miharusshi.