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365 pieces – Piece #2 – Quality time with friends

January 2, 2015

  • Two of my high school BFFs came over to my house, though it was already late in the afternoon. Nonetheless, we’re always happy just being together. We met up because we were preparing for the birthday gift we would give one of our BFF for his 20th birthday on the 3rd of January. We got him a very big greeting card, which was signed by other high school friends as well, thanks to my hard-working midget girl BFF. Guy BFF happened to bring gelatin powder, which we excitedly prepared and cooled to set for the next day. 🙂
  • This is just a minor thing, but I’m happy that I got 6 questions on my ask! 🙂 Thanks, anon!

365 pieces – Piece #1 – I love animals

Last January 1st, I started scribbling short notes on small pieces of paper which summarize the most memorable events that occur in my daily life. I wish to complete the 365 pieces this year. Wish me luck, inspiration and motivation.

January 1, 2015

Well, the moment we greeted the New Year was kinda sad and melodramatic and all. Fortunately, I got to watch Ch9’s STORIES, which featured the episode titled “Turf Wars: Lions and Hippos”. It was really well narrated and it moved me in ways I can’t explain. It saddens me that animals out there (in Africa) have to fight each other, even their own kind, just to secure their food during the drought. 😦

Taking up book reading

Post title self-explanatory.

I am not particularly extremely inclined to anything, though I just happen to know about anime more than an average person/anime newbie does and I happen to really love listening to music that I can talk passionately about my favorite artists. But for sure, the way I am now, I am not what someone you can consider a bookworm or a bookish person. It’s not that I don’t like reading, though I am too lazy to read too much texts.  I don’t read much books, much of that is because I don’t have plenty of books in my house and I don’t invest in books. I even felt proud of not being a reader. With the things I’ve learned from other people and through months of blogging, I felt the need to read more books. Continue reading Taking up book reading

Happy Feet (2006) Movie Analysis

Author’s notes: The following text was originally submitted as a requirement for our course, Food Processing Wastes Management, last Tuesday, 4th November.  We watched the movie in our class as suggested by our instructor, who seems to really like the movie for the attention on the amplified environmental changes  brought about by mankind and their implications on other creatures. 

Overview of the Movie:


From IMDb: “Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce!”

In a nutshell, Happy Feet is about being oneself in spite of the criticisms against being different from the majority, and, in the process finding one’s place to belong while fulfilling a greater purpose of being a unique individual. Continue reading Happy Feet (2006) Movie Analysis

A musical encounter

This little story happened last October 28th at the waiting area just outside Kalimudan Student Center (the sort of canteen in our university). It was just past 5:00PM when I walked on the path beside the said area. Suddenly, a beautiful melody played through the air. It came from the instrument I’ve long adored. The violin.

I turned to my left, and saw a female student, about the same age as me, sitting by the table alone. She was there, tapping her left foot to set the pace of the melody she played with her hands. Her graceful movements and poise was almost a rare sight in our institution. The sounds that reverberated tugged my heart and told me to stop.

Of course, her movement was not like this, but aaah, Sherlock ❤

Continue reading A musical encounter