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Walk Log: Adventure #001

Ever since I introduced my love for walking, I came up with the idea of tracking down the routes in the city (or maybe in the future, of other cities I can travel to) that I have traveled by walking. Yay~

This is my first record, but definitely not the first time I walked a distance this long. Last Tuesday, June 10th 2014, I went to DOST XI Regional Office┬áby jeep to drop off my requirements as a part of my reporting routine every semester to keep my scholar profile updated (so that I won’t lose my scholarship and won’t have to deal with a scolding due to a late compliance). Continue reading Walk Log: Adventure #001

Embracing the culture of walking

Walking wasn’t my thing, but I did a lot of walking even when I was an elementary kid. when going to church alone for supplementary lessons, I only walked from my home. The distance was more than a kilometer but less than two. When going to the nearest mall (Victoria Plaza), I would only walk from our house, too. Now that I think about it, I may have enjoyed walking ever since then. Continue reading Embracing the culture of walking