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Twenty-first Birthday Midnight Thoughts

August 5th 2015, 00:33

This day marks the twenty-first year I have spent breathing and doing the essentials and pointless stuff. And it’s also my first birthday. The first birthday I’m going to spend without my father. He’s already gone ahead. Continue reading Twenty-first Birthday Midnight Thoughts

Plato’s The Republic, Books 5 and 6 Reflection

Before anything else, I would like to inform you, the reader who accidentally stumbled upon this obscure blog of mine, that the title has misled you into this. The content of the post, no matter how general the post title might have suggested this post would be, is my own analysis on only a particular part of the discussion in Books 5 and 6– Book 5 to be exact– of The Republic by Plato.

The particular part I am pertaining to is the eugenics as the system described as the best means for the female and male guardians to procreate in the ideal and just city-state. Upon birth of the child, it is taken away from the parents to be raised in a “rearing pen”, without the parents ever knowing who their child(ren) might be. This was seen as the most suitable way of raising the next generation of suitable guardians, but in such a way that the current male and female guardians would think of all the children–and I mean ALL–who were born from eugenics as their own child.

You might be wondering why I bothered including Book 5 in the post title. Welp, that’s just there as a sort of bookmark, in the sense that we are required in our Social, Economic, and Political Thought class to write a reaction/reflection/analysis to every two books/chapters that we read. Since I fairly liked this specific paper and am content with how this turned out–just the way I wanted it to be–I’d just like to leave it here. I think it might be worth reading.

Will a female guardian’s deprivation of the right to raise a child affect her very being?

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