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I’m quite the lurker

I’m quite the lurker in Facebook (and some other SNS, for that matter except for Twitter), reading other people’s stories. No, not the irrelevant captions on selfies. True to life stories of real people. Those who have been hurt and still hurting. Those who have faced cruelties in their past committed by fellow humans and are still haunted by these hideous acts in their dreams, and/or perhaps when looking at oblivious passersby. Continue reading I’m quite the lurker

Twenty-first Birthday Midnight Thoughts

August 5th 2015, 00:33

This day marks the twenty-first year I have spent breathing and doing the essentials and pointless stuff. And it’s also my first birthday. The first birthday I’m going to spend without my father. He’s already gone ahead. Continue reading Twenty-first Birthday Midnight Thoughts

I’m tired…

… of this fake, superficial tourism.

Continue reading I’m tired…

My Thoughts on Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster

Covert art from Bantam Books’ reprint of the novel

This is a classic, and I’m sure there are a lot of better reviews for this book than I can ever provide. So I’ll just write down some personal thoughts here. Continue reading My Thoughts on Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster

365 pieces – Piece #40 (02-09-15): A good friend listens

  • Today, we were required to go to school to attend the undergraduate seminar wherein we had a ‘lesson’ on laboratory ethical behavior and laboratory guidelines. I honestly didn’t want to come, but eh. I had to. I knew I had to. And I knew I would regret it if I really didn’t come.
  • Listening to all those speeches by the professors just made my ego shrink. My self-confidence was dissipating into thin air. I gotta hang onto something. To someone. I needed someone to listen to my woes. I’m such a coward. 😦
  • Shoutout to my good friend lysafae. Time and time again, she has always proven that she’s always there to listen and to give advice. I knew I can count on her on times like this. She already went through the same thing I’m going through, and it shows on how she is today–a strong lady. I honestly look up to her. And she often says she looks up to me. Mutual admiration. Our friendship is somewhat an odd friendship. It’s like a counselor-counselee relationship. Each of us can take either role at a time. Every time, it just works. No complaints. We encourage each other. I just hope our friendship isn’t limited to this dimension, though. I love this gal. 🙂
  • Meep. So blessed today. Neighbor-san‘s birthday, so he gave us pork barbecue sticks and grilled milkfish and a bottle of soda. A full meal was had. 🙂

My Thoughts on Shadow Baby by Alison McGhee

This book is part of my 2014 Library. Hurrah!

This is exactly the same cover art of the copy I read. From now on and when I write my thoughts on books I read, I will try my best to look for pictures of the exact same covers.

This is another book that I borrowed from my classmate, who also lent me her copy of The Giver. When I finished reading The Giver, which I obviously fell in love with and further compelled me to read more books, I hurried to my friend, returned the book, and asked for another suggestion. Specifically, I wanted something that was kind of similar to The Giver in terms of how it would make someone feel after reading it. Then, the week after my plea, she brought this rather unheard-of title. Continue reading My Thoughts on Shadow Baby by Alison McGhee

My Thoughts on「The Da Vinci Code」 by Dan Brown

This book is part of my 2014 Library. Hurrah!

I remember the time that the movie adaptation of The Da Vinci Code was criticized in my country as it was thought to be a blasphemous work that would challenge the faith of Christians, more specifically the Roman Catholics, and make them doubt their beliefs. Continue reading My Thoughts on「The Da Vinci Code」 by Dan Brown