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Twenty-first Birthday Midnight Thoughts

August 5th 2015, 00:33

This day marks the twenty-first year I have spent breathing and doing the essentials and pointless stuff. And it’s also my first birthday. The first birthday I’m going to spend without my father. He’s already gone ahead. Continue reading Twenty-first Birthday Midnight Thoughts

A Poem: Not Here

I close my eyes, you’re all I see

I open them, you are not here

I go to where you would be

I break the silence so you’d hear

Sore Feet

“Yeah. I want to get away, but there’s no other way than “This Way.” Am I supposed to simply go to where everyone else is heading? Can’t I simply stop for a while? My feet are sore.”


Little do they know, I wrote that myself. Maybe some other person has written something similar to that. But those exact words, I wrote them all. Anonymity sure is a convenient mask, huh? I’m afraid of being judged, so I resorted to attributing the whole damn thing to a ghost-like persona. It could be anybody or nobody. I may be nobody, but I just felt really terrible. And know I feel kind of guilty for hiding, for not showing myself. I’m still afraid that, maybe, whatever image they have of me it’ll just shatter once they see my vulnerable self. I don’t know. I’m confused. I want others to see the real me, but at the same time I don’t truly wish for that to happen.

First Year of Owl Memoria

If you noticed, this personal (side) blog of mine has been around for a while. A year and two months, to be exact. I know this is kinda late to celebrate its birthday, but a simple, short post like this would do. Right?

Happy (first) birthday, Owl Memoria. People don’t really know you, nor you are a reputable blog with well-written posts on various topics. You’re a mess, but I like you for what you are–because you’re a product of my thoughts and emotions. Something I can own. Something I can look back to. But, you still got a long way to live up to your name. Haha

Okay. So I just wrote a quasi-love letter to my blog, as if it’s personified (although it’s addressed as a thing later on).

I’ve slowed down on blogging, but I do not think I am stopping any time soon. It is still fun to write down my thoughts like this, without really giving a care of what other people may think or say about me or my blog. Haha.

Yep. Blogging like this is basically doing a monologue.

So, thanks to anyone who’s reading my blog regardless if you’ve accidentally clicked a link somewhere else. Oh, special thanks to those who leave comments. You guys are amusing. Haha



Feeling ko lumiliit ang ulo ko day by day. Mas nahihirapang huminga. Yung tipong pwedeng humiwalay ang kaluluwa ko any time.

Lutang. Nasobraan ng sabaw.


Nakalitaw. Nalunod na pala.

I don’t normally write in Taglish, but this one was surprisingly easier to write in Taglish.

I’m tired…

… of this fake, superficial tourism.

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Decretum: Question and answer with music

Random post. You know those note stuff at Facebook? I got tagged in one of those, but I don’t want to do them on Facebook anymore, until I change my mind (which is unlikely to happen).

In other words, I’m just dumping mine here, in case somebody else want to do this. You know, for fun. Certainly, the answers by the one who tagged me (my role-playing okaa-san and friend IRL) were kind of appropriate.

Let’s see how mine rolls out after the jump.

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