A few words, and even more words

My attempt at interpreting my own poems over at twitter.

Looking back, I don’t really know what I wanted to convey with this tweet, but it has that cool beat when I read it.

I guess I wanted to somehow say that there’s this little rush of comfort in the pain of acknowledging that there are things we are not knowledgeable enough, even though we kind of desire a deeper understanding of things. That, ironically, by living under a rock we don’t get to have a profound comprehension of certain subjects. We can only learn so much.

But that’s okay. We’ve yet to learn so much. 🙂

I’d rather not tell how I came to write this one, but it has something to do with procrastination. No need to elaborate on that.

We are given twenty four hours to make something out of our day. Sometimes we struggle to do something productive. Other times it’s an even bigger struggle just to get up from the bed that offers the ease of not having to do anything.

But we leave yesterdays behind. We literally cannot re-live them. Every second, every minute, we leave traces of ourselves behind. We start doing something today that our tomorrow-selves will have to resume working on—be it grief, happiness, emotional troubles, financial tribulations, hunger, intellectual stagnation, so on and so forth. And we proceed to die every time we witness the waking of another day.

We live every day. And we die every day. The cycle repeats until we return to ashes. Such is life. Plus, it kind of rhymes, right?

This one is about affirmation.

When we genuinely tell someone something good about themselves, especially if they are going through tough times, it doesn’t only make them feel good—we also sense goodness within ourselves, to some degree. For it is from the heart that we can convey our good intentions with words of encouragement, it must also be true that we can still perceive things that are worth living for, within and without.

You say a word or two not directly for yourself, but the essence rebounds and comes right back at you.

People like makeovers. If there’s something that must be changed within, one good signal is to let change take place on the surface.

We seem to know when, and why, we need transformations. There must be some areas which we are dissatisfied about. Not all things can remain constant. Our life(style) needs occasional finetuning to get that much demanded reset. A fresh start.

But is it always easy?

It isn’t always that simple to welcome change. We’ve grown comfortable of what we have at any instant, and trying to modify the picture would mean some getting used to, which calls for an internal effort. We have to reject some of the old and aged, as difficult as it will be to embrace a new image, environment, culture. But we can hope and work around these changes for the better.

A bit late of a greeting, but HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! Whatever it is that we must set out to do, I hope we can do it. 🙂


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