Critique time!: “Numb or Dumb? I like you!”

Disclaimer: Despite the title, this post doesn’t get too deep. It uses sarcasm and general observations to make a point. Hence, I won’t argue if someone shows up and says this is a pretty bad argument–of course, only when he comes up with a better one.  😛

I often see this “hugot” expression:

“Are you numb or just dumb? ‘Cause you don’t feel that I f*ckin’ like you!”

And it’s often written and taken as a joke. It’s one of those “been there, done that”, “can relate to that” common train of thought, further spread like wildfire by the handy sharing tools we use today, i.e., social media. But it’s actually a bit problematic and worrisome.

I don’t agree with this line of thinking anymore. I admit that used to, to some extent. You see, it clearly reeks of egotism and blame shifting.

If you like someone, do tell the person! S/he deserves to hear those words before you can even blame him/her for not knowing.

Feelings are very personal–they’re not for public knowledge. These are not something that can easily be written down and documented by strangers, and have their own Wiki articles that you, he, she, or anyone can just google. It’s also common sense that humans don’t have superpowers like reading other people’s minds and feelings. We’re not the damn Cullens. Wild assumptions are some of the reasons for humiliation of the one who ended up “guessing wrongly.” Need I say that these misunderstandings also often make relationships a bit awkward or sour? Not to mention that people can choose to fake their affection towards their certain, yet-to-be-named, important persons.

Quoting a song (Let It Out) by Anne Mendoza,

“But how would she know if you wouldn’t tell? How would she see past through your perfect pretense? If she really meant the whole world to you, she deserves to know the truth. You gotta let it out real soon.”

So, yeah. Please don’t blame the apple of your eye for not knowing when you haven’t even said anything concrete. Don’t underestimate words too much (which is a topic for another time).

This isn’t a paid advertisement, but by all means do try and visit Anne Mendoza‘s soundcloud and maybe purchase a song/CD? She makes truly GOOD songs that Miharusshi Personally Approves™–with bittersweet and lighthearted melodies and lyrics whose poetry rival those of Taylor Swift’s. 🙂


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