I’m quite the lurker

I’m quite the lurker in Facebook (and some other SNS, for that matter except for Twitter), reading other people’s stories. No, not the irrelevant captions on selfies. True to life stories of real people. Those who have been hurt and still hurting. Those who have faced cruelties in their past committed by fellow humans and are still haunted by these hideous acts in their dreams, and/or perhaps when looking at oblivious passersby.

Then there comes a hate comment, and along comes another. Criticizing the OP/subject for his/her horrible experience, as if such stories are not needed, not wanted by everyone else in this vast cyber bubble we call the social media. Maybe we don’t want to see unpleasant things on our feeds, only helplessly gazing at our friends’ photos from last night’s party.

Just how much do we want to silence the world? Just how clueless are we to what is really happening out there? Deaf to the cries of the abused? Blind to the suffering of the scarred? Apathetic to the defeated?

Focusing on our differences first (age, sex, race, ethnicity, what have you) and using them as attacks on another person is really, really immature. We don’t make ourselves feel better doing that, for no person is above another. Instead of cultivating hate, let us practice empathy. Think “why.” Feel “how.” Know “what.” Wonder “when” and “where.” And realize that the universe isn’t so small to just exist for you and me.

One might think I’m being too emotional. Sure, I won’t deny that. Sometimes my feelings get the better of me. Even now, for instance. But I’m trying to stay sane while I’m writing this. If only Facebook can keep up with the number of comments I’ve already flagged, what with the millions of other users around the globe trying to trash talk somebody who simply shared her exposure to child abuse, maybe this tiny space I occupy would look so much better.

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