Post-summer Beach: Never too late to unwind

A little bit of rambling…

In the Philippines where it’s scorching hot almost throughout the year, April and May are the popular time for some summer escapades. Tourists from overseas and from other regions in the country come flying over to the many beaches around the country. Students are no exception to those who seek temporary break in the clear blue tranquility of waters and get away from real-life stresses in order to face again these monsters of reality with renewed vitality.

Welp. The situation has changed for some of us. To those who had to go through the first attempted college academic year shift, this year has been quite the challenge. One, the holidays are messed up. The previously separate semester and Christmas breaks are now combined into one semester break. Two, there’s literally no “summer break”. By the time the year ends the hot months of April and May are already over.

Students from other schools may pity us for not getting proper tan lines or sun-kissed hair. And even when May was approaching its end, there already were occasional nightly rains. So it is quite a matter of luck to catch up on the beach episodes of our post-stressful finals life. And, thank goodness, we live in a city where going to the beach is practically not impossible.

Living in Davao City sure is a bliss. The city’s official slogan, “Life is here.”, is almost true (only almost, for various reasons I will not divulge here for they are not the point). As for why it’s true, one of the reasons to that is it is an ideal location from where you can go to the beaches (among many other trip-worthy destinations) in all directions.

Thus, it really was never too late to play with my friends and stay overnight on a beach resort! Pictures of our trip included below!

“Where are we going?” “To the beach!”

So the beach resort in question is Ilihan Beach Resort (Ilihan is pronounced \Ee-lee-han) in Camudmud, Island Garden City of Samal (or simply Samal). It’s just a boat + tricycle rides away from the shore of Davao City. Hmmm. “Just” is an understatement. We paid a hefty 50 Pesos each for the tricycle ride from the port to the beach resort. Fifty pesos for a one-way tricycle ride is already too much for my small pocket. But, well, it was nothing compared to the whole experience we shared on our overnight stay on the beach.

What do we have here?

I thought we were going into a lively beach resort. Jajan~ It wasn’t a loud place. What met us was the silence of the island and the sound of tiny waves making their way to the shore. Then we saw the cottages and the air conditioned rooms. The cottages, of course, were nearer the shore than the air conditioned rooms which were built on a higher plain. We reserved a cottage/gazebo for our overnight trip. It has two doors and windows on every other side. There were no chairs inside, but the gazebo had two tables which would later come handy for preparing our wholesome meals.

Later, though, two more groups arrived to their respective cottages. And guess what. Each brought over their own karaoke set. How cool is that? I initially felt like our privacy was being invaded, but I would thank them for being around, else the night would be preeeeeeeetty, silently scary. Thank you, boisterous beach neighbors. (But I won’t forget the off-tune singers who murdered the songs I and my friends like.)

Anyway. Our ‘dining’ table was outside our gazebo. It was more fun to eat together while gazing at the beach’s magnificence than if we ate inside the gazebo. 

What’s for lunch?

Fried adobong manok and bangus! The fried adobong manok brought by mother Jamie was especially super gooooooooooooooood.

Lunch time!

Fun fun fun~

We bathed in the shallow sea waters (the water level was pretty low) and sat on the rocks and struck a pose for commemoration. Then when we got back to our headquarters, we played some card games whose rules I always kept forgetting. Really. I suck at those games. Then we played some sort of relay game. Every time someone fails to give an answer within 3 sec or repeats an answer already given before, s/he’d have to be punished! Batsu geemu! Charcoal on the face from every other player for every error. Preeeeetty fun if you ask me. Look how beautiful we turned out after the game.

I didn’t feel time moving so fast. Before I knew it, the sun was setting. Time to capture photos of this ephemeral beauty with some fallen flowers and the sunset sky.

Almost time for dinner! Let’s cook!

Our adopted mommy Jamie and daddy Gem enjoyed their time cooking for all of us. We were like a family. It was basically a family RPG!!! Cool stuff.

Dinner time! 

Group photo necessary. Also, that’s a LOT of meat right there. Yum.

After eating, we went to the beach for a night swim! Except that the tide was sooooo low again, we weren’t able to take a dip. We just sat on the beach. Not even float. And we were practically tens of meters away from the shore. We sat there and talked. And talked. And I listened and listened. And listened some more, doing some thinking.

Time for late night talks (too bad I fell asleep halfway)

We went back to the cottage and got ready to take the shower–to clean ourselves before we hit the sack. Well, we didn’t immediately hit the sack as you can see above. Late night talks. That’s what those snacks were for. It was around 1:30 AM when we finally went to sleep. We planned on waking up early to swim and meet the sunrise. And we really did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Breakfast with family

After the swim, we then made ourselves busy by preparing our morning meal! It was heavenly–complete with what’s to be expected in a plate of breakfast. A good meal was had and we were all satisfied.

After the meal, we had some little chat. Then I and another friend had to leave earlier than those who were left behind.

Overall, this overnight beach trip felt short, exactly because we had a great time and didn’t even feel that the day has passed by. What also made it really fulfilling was that we were never starved. It’s a good thing we were really prepared on our food–which also fueled our long conversations and random dips. We truly were lucky enough that there wasn’t a heavy rain to ruin the mood.

‘Twas fun. I truly hope we can do this again!

Photo credits: @jamieleerol @AGtotheEst

4 thoughts on “Post-summer Beach: Never too late to unwind

  1. I was not aware of this blog of yours before!

    Looks fun. Been years since I went to a beach. Always liked beach and how beautiful yet intimidating the ocean is.

    My first trip of the year is coming up in a few days and I’m excited for that. It will be an overnight camping trip at a forest resort. Prime activities include jungle trekking, swimming (in a pool… I think), obstacle course, flying fox, water-rafting and raft-making. Hope to have good fun there.


    1. Hehe, that’s because it’s a side and personal blog, so it wouldn’t really be within other people’s interests. It’s just too random at the moment, but hell yeah I can do whatever I want with it. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by! Btw, how did you find this?

      Ah, I don’t particularly love the beach because I can’t swim. But I don’t hate it either. I’m more of a neutral person towards it, I guess? But yeah, it does have its moments of grandeur and I can’t help but appreciate nature even more. It just makes me sad that some people just don’t give a damn and continue polluting it. *sigh*

      Ah, forest camping sounds fun! It’s been a looooooooooong time since I had one–that was when I was still in elementary school orz.

      From the activities you mentioned, I think the ones I haven’t done yet are water-rafting, raft-making, and flying fox (only I’m not sure what this one is).

      That looks like one great itinerary. Yeah, have fun and always be safe! ^^


      1. From your twitter I think? But that one leads to an older post.

        Well, some people just view money as more important. =x

        Flying fox is like going from one point to another using zip-line. Usually done at high places. You sort of ‘fly’ down from a higher point to a lower point due to gravity. Guess who’s not gonna do that, nopeeeeeeeeeee.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, right. I remember now. It was that post on my unpaid/secret review on a cheap Japanese restaurant here.

        Welp. Indeed. But it’s undeniable that in this world and in this era, almost all needs and services can only be obtained through heaps of money. I can see why they’d value money more than their passions. Hey, isn’t that what’s happening to most people right now?

        Oh, that. We simply call that zipline here. It became the buzz here around 4~5 years ago, I think. I almost tried it, but in the end I didn’t. Now I wish to do it with my own money. But then again, I don’t think that kind of activity really fits my character.


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