I’m tired…

… of this fake, superficial tourism.

I’m sick of hearing petitions calling for LGUs (or any other big boss, for that matter) to reconsider plans for “hot”, “trendy” attractions which will inevitably have to clear some lands, cut some trees, relocate some of the locals, deprive some animals their natural habitats, and produce some noise and pollution. And by some, I mean, numbers we can’t count with the fingers on our two hands.

But what can I do? I’m only a commoner, not some big shot who can order people around to do the “right” job of steering away our remaining [environmental] wealth from the greed of business giants (and, mind you, dwarves) who can only think of doing service to the Americans, Brits, Chinese–you name them.

You know what I think our true tourist attraction is? Our people. Our rich culture.

We’ve been disillusioned for so long, we forget our human qualities. Tourists may come here looking for nice, white-sand beaches and clear, blue waters. But ask one who had a great time and now considers a trip to return here. You’ll know what really makes them pay a visit more than once.

Promote people. Promote our fun dances, our colorful tapestries, our romantic languages, our big smiles, our hospitality, our bright and lively festivals, and, certainly not less important, our variety of delicious food.

But what can I do? These are my thoughts, not yours. You may not even care.

But what can I do? I can only say these things here, though I might not loudly voice them.

But what can I do?

But what can we do?

Written out of real frustration. I don’t believe that all of these petitions circulating online are truly realized, but the least they can do is raise awareness. Signing them won’t take a lot out of your life, y’know. So, please, sign this too on behalf of the locals in Boracay.

Also, both the local and foreign tourists have the responsibility to keep their surroundings clean. Even mother nature’s hospitality has its limit.

I know I could still elaborate on some points and that this is too simplistic, but yeah, you get my point.

I also published this on my anime blog (with Amaburi screen caps), just because.


6 thoughts on “I’m tired…

  1. Certainly some LGUs are treading the wrong path. Too much commercialism can jeopardize the beauty of these tourism spots. What most of them are gunning for will stand only for the moment, but not in the long run. I agree to everything you said.

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    1. Hear, hear

      They almost never plan for something that will enrich a place in the long-run. All they really want is a quick (and short-term) boom. We really lack reinforcement of environmental preservation laws, and authorities often overlook the indigenous peoples’ right to their own ancestral lands.

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      1. E.g. Boracay. I have never been there and am not eager to visit the island albeit its beauty is world class. Perhaps, what it is now based on how it’s being marketed in the world tourism does not appeal to me. I mean a party hub, too many people, you name it–not my cup of tea. Now disregarding my preference, I believe Boracay or its LGU has embraced too much commercialism that I am afraid sooner or later the island will lose itself.

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  2. I’d like to quote something from George Orwell’s Animal Farm novel:
    “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing.”

    I think that pretty much sums up our current society.

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