365 pieces – Piece #40 (02-09-15): A good friend listens

  • Today, we were required to go to school to attend the undergraduate seminar wherein we had a ‘lesson’ on laboratory ethical behavior and laboratory guidelines. I honestly didn’t want to come, but eh. I had to. I knew I had to. And I knew I would regret it if I really didn’t come.
  • Listening to all those speeches by the professors just made my ego shrink. My self-confidence was dissipating into thin air. I gotta hang onto something. To someone. I needed someone to listen to my woes. I’m such a coward. 😦
  • Shoutout to my good friend lysafae. Time and time again, she has always proven that she’s always there to listen and to give advice. I knew I can count on her on times like this. She already went through the same thing I’m going through, and it shows on how she is today–a strong lady. I honestly look up to her. And she often says she looks up to me. Mutual admiration. Our friendship is somewhat an odd friendship. It’s like a counselor-counselee relationship. Each of us can take either role at a time. Every time, it just works. No complaints. We encourage each other. I just hope our friendship isn’t limited to this dimension, though. I love this gal. 🙂
  • Meep. So blessed today. Neighbor-san‘s birthday, so he gave us pork barbecue sticks and grilled milkfish and a bottle of soda. A full meal was had. 🙂

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