Taking up book reading

Post title self-explanatory.

I am not particularly extremely inclined to anything, though I just happen to know about anime more than an average person/anime newbie does and I happen to really love listening to music that I can talk passionately about my favorite artists. But for sure, the way I am now, I am not what someone you can consider a bookworm or a bookish person. It’s not that I don’t like reading, though I am too lazy to read too much texts.  I don’t read much books, much of that is because I don’t have plenty of books in my house and I don’t invest in books. I even felt proud of not being a reader. With the things I’ve learned from other people and through months of blogging, I felt the need to read more books.

If I start recalling the books I’ve read, I think the list doesn’t even reach 50, or even 30. Hahaha. I’m not shy to admit that at all. You might be thinking that I’m inferior because I don’t feel ashamed one bit after that confession. Well, yeah, I don’t think that is something I should be feeling down for. Instead, it’s a great starting point as I plan to really read the books that I’ve always wanted to try reading.

I am now not very shy of asking friends to lend me their books. And although I’m a newbie, I can talk about the books I’ve read and loved passionately even when there’s no assurance that people who listen to my ramblings will take my comments seriously. But, yes, I have a little list of my favorite books so far. I might share them some time.

Okay, since I’m done with this introductory post, you can check out the list of books I’ve read this year.

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