A musical encounter

This little story happened last October 28th at the waiting area just outside Kalimudan Student Center (the sort of canteen in our university). It was just past 5:00PM when I walked on the path beside the said area. Suddenly, a beautiful melody played through the air. It came from the instrument I’ve long adored. The violin.

I turned to my left, and saw a female student, about the same age as me, sitting by the table alone. She was there, tapping her left foot to set the pace of the melody she played with her hands. Her graceful movements and poise was almost a rare sight in our institution. The sounds that reverberated tugged my heart and told me to stop.

Of course, her movement was not like this, but aaah, Sherlock ❤

But I didn’t stop right then. I walked past the area and went straight for the canteen to look for my friends inside. They were gathered in a table, separate from the rest of the crowd. I put down my bags on the vacant chair and settled down. But I was feeling uneasy, like I still had something left undone. Then, I decided to leave the canteen, leaving my belongings in the hands of my trustworthy friends. Running fast, I knew that I just had to go back and witness that beautiful scene, to be engulfed by the solo performance. I couldn’t afford to miss such a rare chance.

Still catching I sat by a table across hers. At first I was worried if I was being a nuisance because I am in her plain sight, just watching her perform. Maybe I really was, but I thought that she could just get used to my presence as I am the only audience, a small presence compared to fully packed house.

Because I love and listen to classical music, I could recognize the pieces she played. Here they are in the order by which she played them (In case you want to listen the tune, just click on the links provided. Just note that the videos linked are not her performances. I didn’t record her practice.):

Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain

Schubert’s Ave Maria

– Pachelbel’s Canon

In reality, she missed some notes and had to repeat some parts of the songs. It was evident that she really was taking her practice seriously, that spending time alone with her violin and playing it in an undisturbed place is important to get better and fix her mistakes. Of course, her slight frustration at every missed note was visible, but she would just keep on playing her violin. Her passion was undoubtedly real.

Because I was too moved by her solo performance, even without other onlookers nearby, I decided to write some note to express my sincere gratitude for that little moment that I got to listen to her violin. Since I am a shy person, I was kinda hesitant to give it to her, but still managed to extend that piece of paper when I was about to leave that spot. It kinda freaked her out because it was too random of an act, too random of a souvenir from a totally random stranger.

It’s just that I hope she would take some time to read it from time to time, or even if she loses it someday, she would remember the words of encouragement I wrote her.

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