Reminiscing EPIK HIGH music

October 21, 2014 –this day, according to the top worldwide trend, marked the 11th year of epic music by EPIK HIGH. While I’m not really a fan of the group, I consider myself attached to their name and music, of course. There was a time when I was really addicted to their music, which was everything I listen to everyday–and nothing else.

I first discovered them through Kim Tae Hee‘s behind-the-scene video and LG CYON CM. Good ol’ days. After several times of watching the videos, I got hooked to the music as well. So I did some searching and found out it was EPIK HIGH’s ‘Love Love Love’.

After that song, I got to listen some of the other popular releases of the group. I even memorized the song lyrics by playing them on loop while reading the lyrics. Because I’m feeling nostalgic right now, let me share the songs I really liked (and still do) from EPIK HIGH.

–Ah, my first EPIK HIGH song. It brings back fond memories of my attachment to Korean entertainment. 🙂 This song is still one of catchiest I’ve ever heard. That rap and beautiful melody collaboration is just perfect.

–This is actually my top favorite song from the guys. And Jisun is just too perfect and her voice is sooooo soothing that it perfectly complements the fast but cool rap. Hip-hop is not usually my thing, but EPIK HIGH’s style is. 😀

–Now, this is different from the two songs above as Jisun’s not here. But still! This is very good rap. And I always dig that violin background music. In my opinion, Koreans make very catchy hip-hop music, not only because their rap are very fast but rhyming, but also because they add other things to complement the rapidity and harshness of the rap. And the end result is a surprisingly good and addicting collaboration of at least two almost immiscible music elements.

So yeah, those are my top favorites from EPIK HIGH. After such short period of addiction, I never had the chance to listen to them again or check out their newest songs. That makes it some n years of EPIK HIGH music gap in my life. Still, they’ll definitely remain as one of my favorite hip-hop groups, even if I’m not a fan. They opened my mind when it comes to hip-hop music, and I will always think fondly of them and their music.

P.S. I’ve read about their newest release, BORN HATER. I haven’t watched the MV nor listened to the song itself, partly because I’m still hesitant to hear how much their music may have changed through the years. I will eventually get to it, though.

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