The “Thank you” with your name

I regularly go to YouTube to watch random videos for fun. And just now, I stumbled upon this advertisement on an anime PV that I was checking out. The first few seconds caught my attention. This has got to be one of the few advertisements on YouTube that I didn’t skip. This might be scripted/manipulated and not entirely documentary, but the message of the video is clear and the heart for making it is there.

We may have other people give us nicknames. Some of them may sound cute or respectful, while others plainly sound rude. There are loved ones who affectionately call us with our endearing bynames, but there may be people who call us names.


Our real names are really special. It doesn’t just identify us and distinguish us from one another, but it is also a testimony of who we are and what we have been living for. It has a special value and meaning to it, especially when other people, such as the ones we have helped, thank us with our names. We just need to hear them from people who appreciate what we do for them to make our days even brighter!

Have you thanked your buddy today? Make sure to know and call him by his name.

 Disclaimer: I do not intend to advertise Coca-Cola nor its products.

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