Walk Log: Adventure #001

Ever since I introduced my love for walking, I came up with the idea of tracking down the routes in the city (or maybe in the future, of other cities I can travel to) that I have traveled by walking. Yay~

This is my first record, but definitely not the first time I walked a distance this long. Last Tuesday, June 10th 2014, I went to DOST XI Regional Office by jeep to drop off my requirements as a part of my reporting routine every semester to keep my scholar profile updated (so that I won’t lose my scholarship and won’t have to deal with a scolding due to a late compliance).

I’m happy to say that I belong to this awesome organization,
the only/first DOST Regional Office that holds the yearly Scholars’ Congress
where DOST-SEI Region XI scholars get along and build camaraderie
through challenges that are faced by teams of scholars.
Thank you, scholar officers and SEI staff, for your hard work
in making the event possible annually!

After resting a bit on the lobby’s sala set while reading articles on some awesome Filipino inventions that are practically useful in many industries, I finally wanted to go home. (But resting for a little bit more would have been so much better. Hehe.) Even before getting there, I had already decided to get home by walking.

The map shows the route by which I went home BY WALKING. It says the distance from the office to my home is approximately 1.3 kilometers, taking only 15 minutes of walking. In reality, it took me 19 minutes. Hehe. Yes, I noted the time I started walking and the time I arrived at home. Gotta improve my time, too!

I should think of my next adventure, of where my possible walking starting point and destinations will be.

Until then, my adventure record is at 001~ My first big step!

2 thoughts on “Walk Log: Adventure #001

  1. I'm only aware of walkalators inside malls/establishments. I'm not against the use of walkalators, but I hope people would not just stand and wait for their static feet to arrive at the terminal point of that conveyor belt. And this is also my concern regarding escalators. People can still walk upstairs or downstairs while they're riding it.

    Anyway, do walkalators exist on streets or elsewhere resembling a public place for transportation?


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