Summer before it ends: Beach outing with friends Pt3

《 Part 2

Going back to the mainland
We rode the barge back to the mainland and a jeep to the mall or BF#2’s house. GF#2 lives pretty far from the center of the city and her curfew is early, so she had to go home and say goodbye to us for that day. The clouds couldn’t hold in the weight of water, so rain fell while we were still on the jeepney. We didn’t hate the rain, because we had already reached the shore. No, it’s just that there wasn’t time to think of hating the rain when all we’ve had for this day is fun~

Damosa was our dropping point and we hurriedly went to the opposite side of the road where the private vehicle of BF#2’s dad is resting. It was a little adventure under the rain! We did our business of splitting fees inside the vehiclebecause BF#1 and BF#2 initially shouldered the payment of our snacks. It all ended well. Nobody was injured. It went smoothly as expected. Not knowing what to do with our lives, we just sat inside and let time pass by. I didn’t want the fun to end, so while we were waiting for our next action, we just sang some Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran songs. Oh yeah, I wasn’t completely satisfied with our beach outing yet and I wanted to do more since the day hadn’t ended. Honestly, I really reaaaaaaally wanted to do karaoke with them (that’s why I suggested that we sing together).

Minutes later, BF#2’s mom arrived and went in the vehicle, which started burning fuel. Of course, I was kinda shamelessly expecting this. We were all headed to BF#2’s home.

A side trip before really going home
It was only a few minute ride from Damosa. We arrived at his house and Oreshi, their pet dog, warmly welcomed us with its loud and hostile barks as ever. It surely grew up but it didn’t mature enough to recognize us as friends of its owner. Huhu.

BF#2’s mam and dad hastily went off somewhere while his brother was still outside, leaving the four of us alone in their house. It was really… really… crazy. We acted like we were a bunch of idiots not knowing what to do. BF#2 just begun putting instant noodles, canned corned beef, and spices on the table. Before I knew it, we were already preparing food almost absent-mindedly.

Dadan~ We successfully cooked food on our own. We had instant pancit canton, instant ramen, corned beef omelette, and lechon for our late dinner. It was really, really delicious! Yummy.

After eating, we cleaned up the table and just lazed around. It was around that time that BF#2’s dad came back. Suddenly, BF#2 told his dad of my desire to have a karaoke session together. It had been a loooooong while since we did it. I thought, “Aah, at last my prayers are heard!” And that’s how we were able to close the day with karaoke. We sang Coldplay, Session Road, Yuyu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) OP theme, Fra Lippo Lippi, and some others. Since it was already late at night, our karaoke session didn’t last for two hours.

A group photo with BF#1 singing.
My wish was fulfilled~ Hehe~

Karaoke is the best way to end a day especially when I’m with my friends! Let’s do this again guys~

Going home
We are good children, so we don’t stay late somewhere other than our homes.

We had a beach outing, ate to our stomach’s satisfaction, and did a karaoke. How can I be feeling so incomplete after all this? This day was so revitalizing that I am so looking forward to our next trip!

Thanks for reading this series~

2 thoughts on “Summer before it ends: Beach outing with friends Pt3

  1. Spontaneous preparation? That's kinda saying “cramming for your trip is very fun”! Not that I disagree. XD In fact, I completely concur. XD And yes, food prep is the part which is better left unplanned. Cooking whatever raw material is available sparks the creativity of people.


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