Summer before it ends: Beach outing with friends Pt2

《 Part 1 

BF#1’s arrival
Yay! He finally arrived! There’s no time to waste anymore, so we positioned ourselves for a candid group shot.

BF#1, GF#2, yours truly, BF#2, and GF#1. Still 5/6. We will be complete in the future, for sure. 🙂
 Lunch time

It was already past 1PM, so we were obviously deprived of food. Foods being sold there were beyond our budget, so we only looked for quick food. Besides, we had a LOT of snacks to eat.
Siomai became our viand. Thankfully, BF#1 brought rice more than just enough for all of us.
The siomai wasn’t really tasty, but it passed as something edible for the most part. Yeah. At least, it was affordable. BTW, sorry for the blurry image. It wasn’t intentional. We just didn’t take one more shot.
Photo taken by GF#2

Our tummies were satisfied. It isn’t appropriate to immediately move around after eating, so we behaved ourselves and just sat on our seats. We were like kids. A few moments later, a newly bought deck of cards was revealed in front of us. WOOOOW. “It’s time to play some games,” we thought. So we played a card game called 1, 2, 3, Pass! where the each of the players has a maximum of four cards on his deck in every turn. The aim is for someone to form a four-of-a-kind set of cards. In every turn, someone says the title of the game and upon hearing “Pass!”, everybody must pass a card to his right (or left, as long as it’s the same for everyone). The first one who forms the set must tap the table quickly. Everybody else, whether or not he has formed his own four-of-a-kind set, must touch the top of the hand of the winner. The last one to tap the top of the hands of the other players is the “loser.” The loser has to face consequences. I even took a video of the first few rounds of the game. We’ll keep the consequences a secret.

Moving around
After we got bored of the card game, we finally experienced the place and the sun as a group. Yay~ Then, more photos were taken. This is just one of them:
The sun was just right in front of us. It was too bright to fully open our eyes.
So let us congratulate GF#1 for her determination and her sanity.
Before we went for a swim, we took a little physical exercise as our warmup. This was obviously to prevent muscle cramps. So what did we play? We played with a Frisbee! Yay! It was my first time playing with it, so it was really embarrassing at first, but later became something fun to do repetitively. It was also a first time for GF#1. I and BF#2 took turns in taking photos and videos of our plays. We also divided ourselves into two teams.
Uhm, yeah~ Sweaty arms and faces for another group shot!
Yep, we were loving it!
The sea was calling us to come to its side! We asked a nice stranger to take a photo of us five just before we took a dip.
Awww. Look at this pure happiness just from being together
in a beach for the first time after high school!

It was about 4:30PM when we took a dip, so our swimming session did not really last that long. The water level wasn’t really high at that time, too, so there wasn’t really a chance to enjoy the swim in terms of the swim itself. We still enjoyed the swim because we were together! Simple.After swimming, we came back to the shore to play some more with the Frisbee. 🙂

GF#2 looking so cool while throwing the disc!
She is a natural athlete, so this graceful pose is expected.
Photo captured by BF#2, the photographer of the group.
Aigoo. Just looking at the photos in my computer makes me feel happy. I want to do this again, friends! I love you all~
Part 3 》

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