Summer before it ends: Beach outing with friends Pt1

Yesterday was a very memorable day for me and high school friends! June 7, 2014. It was because our plan to have a beach outing has finally been realized for the first time after our high school graduation. It took us more than 3 years to see this dream come true right in front of our eyes. But there was just this one problem we have been having for more than 3 years. One member hasn’t been going home from his distant university and we still haven’t been together since the dawn of our college days. We didn’t let this bother us since we all know we still have many chances to get together.The Rendezvous

Although I said earlier that this was a plan to have a beach outing, it wasn’t really a detailed plan. We only decided on the beach resort to go to (Sunset Beach Resort, Samal Island). We didn’t come up with a detailed itinerary. We only agreed to meet at McDonald’s Damosa, 8:00AM.

Two hours later. I and girl friend#1 went to and arrived together at that checkpoint two hours later. That’s not really a surprise. She decided to order and eat an untimely breakfast and I just ordered a sundae. Girl friend#2 arrived about 20 minutes later. Boy friend#2, whose house is supposedly near McDonald’s, came later. As if to make up for his late appearance, he treated us to a BFF bundle of french fries and coke floats. I, BF#2, and GF#1 temporarily left McDonald’s to buy our rations for our beach outing. When we came back, we realized that we did not have a camera to document our trip. Since we were to make memories, it’s better to capture and make those memories last forever through pictures. With photos, we will be forever reminded of the things we did. The unanimous decision was to ask our boy friend#1 to drop by our house to get the camera. After finishing our coke floats and sealing the paper bag with the fries, we started marching on to commute to the port.

Going there
A bus was waiting to enter the barge when we were about to pay our fares for the barge. Our curiosity got ahead of our actions that we rushed to ask how much the bus fare is until the beach resort. Since the price was cheaper than having to ride a tricycle in the island, we quickly ran and got seated inside the bus. It was a very wise decision.

Waiting time
Since we were still incomplete, we decided to wait for BF#1 to come to the place. Well, we just couldn’t sit down while waiting for him (who was being a good boy for buying things we needed like sunblock cream, cards, and some other stuff) so we began eating the rations we bought earlier, listen to good music, and play a little bit of Frisbee. I and GF#1 were total beginners so we had GF#2 and BF#2 teach us. It was really fun though the space for playing the game was restricted.

Part 2 》


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