Random rant: I have to enroll for summer AGAIN

This four-month summer vacation is the transition phase of our university for adapting the new academic calender. I was not against the calendar shift, because I thought a two-month vacation even after a two-month on-the-job training is awesome. And now, we’re halfway done. Is it finally hello to my two-month break? Nah, it is NOT.

Goodbye my two-month break.

Goodbye, my summer plan of landing a job–online, part-time, whatever.

Goodbye, my anime to-watch list.

Goodbye, movies and series to watch in one go.

Goodbye, idle moments when I would just listen to my favorite playlists.

Goodbye, active blogging life. For now.

Goodbye, summer adventures–either solo or with friends.

Mamma mia!

Our project leader and thesis adviser advised required us, the advisees, to enroll in advance our originally first-semester course this second round of summer semester! Unless we do that, we cannot conduct our sampling. Unless we conduct our sampling, we cannot obtain the results from the experiments as early as possible. Unless we get it done early, the end of the project might be delayed. The worst case scenario if we don’t do this is that we, the advisees, might have to stay in the university as undergraduate students for an extended period. We don’t want that.

Still, I am not entirely ready for this. One summer semester means having to finish the course in just one month plus n days, where n is less than 6. That isn’t even close to two months.

Just one month.

Only one month to have our papers reviewed and revised and to have our proposal to be approved. Only one month to worry what to write, what to analyze, what to think.

On the other hand, if I seriously take this course now I have only one month to worry about it. I have only month to spend sleepless nights, to feel tired of going to and from school, to cram properly write my papers. After that hellish month, it’s a heaven of another five-month semester at the end of the next school year!

If I end this course without regrets, I’d be able to enroll the next phase of undergraduate thesis, the final defense and manuscript publishing, in the first semester! And if that, too, ends well, I have an additional three-unit slot for any course in the university! If I avail this slot, I’d like to take JAP10. Formal education to basic Japanese is yet to be granted. This is my chance.

When I realized this, I had been thinking that all of this might actually be a good thing if I really take this summer course seriously with less time to be distracted. However, avoiding distractions is my weakness. I have to do my best!

miharusshi (みはる씨)

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