Baby Steps in Blogging

Hello there! I am miharusshi. This is definitely not my first blog, but this is the blog where I intend to write my life experiences and other random things that get into my mind. I wish to publish a lot of things here– things that I love, like, hate, and dislike

You might ask me why I would waste my time in blogging about things I do not even like. I myself find it weird that most people do not really talk about things that they do not like or that annoy them. Since blogging is free and writing is boundless, I will just take this opportunity to also write about those things on the darker side of my life. After all, life is not just about beauty and glorious moments. 

Regarding the post title, I know that I am still a beginner when it comes to blogging. I am not familiar with layout and all the tweaks people can do with their blogs. Yes, this is just like being a baby in this kind of life–the blogging life. Of course, I will learn all these things one step at a time. Things cannot be learned overnight and I acknowledge that fact. So if you are reading this post now, I give you my thanks because there is practically nothing in this blog at this moment. In the future, this blog shall be filled.

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